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TS Series Reach Stackers
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Responding to the requests of the intermodal industry, Taylor Machine Works has design and built the TS-9972 to meet those needs...

Taylor Machine Works is setting a new standard in reach stacker container handling. The new
TS-9972 Reach Stacker is the most durable, comfortable, and user friendly truck in the industry. The TS-9972 has all the durability and dependability that you have come to expect form Taylor.

The TS-1068 Reach Stacker has been specifically designed for the complete intermodal yard and rail terminal. Both models are built on an all welded high-strength steel frame which features hinged doors and easy access covers to provide access to all service points.


The TS-9972 has a first row rated capacity of
99,000-lbs. in the first, second, third, and fourth tiers and 90,400-lbs. in the fifth tiers for 9.5-ft. containers. Because of the multiple row capacity, please refer to the TS-9972 Capacity Chart for further information.
TS-9972 Capacity Chart

TS-9972 w/3 Hook Attachment (H3)

The 3 Hook Attachment was primarily meant for the emerging wind-power industry, but after extensive study Taylor found that the TS-9972's capabilities were not limited to one industry.

TS-9972 w/1 Hook Attachment (H1)

The 1 Hook Attachment provides a single point of lift and attaches directly to the upper boom. This attachment is not rotatable, but the hook does swivel.

*Never attempt to lift more than the equipment's rated capacity

TS Series Wheelbase and Capacity

  • TS-9972 / Wheelbase: 256-in.
    (ISO Rated Capacity / First Row)
    99,000-lb. / 4-High Stacking 9.5-ft. Container
    90,400-lb. / 5-High Stacking 9.5-ft. Container
  • (Rated Capacity / Hook Attachments)
    99,000-lb. at 81-in. L.C.
    73,000-lb. at 157-in. L.C.
    38,000-lb. at 257-in. L.C.
  • TS-1068 / Wheelbase: 275-in.
    (ISO & WTP Rated Capacity / First Row)
    100,000-lb. / 4-High Stacking 9.5-ft. Container
    75,000-lb. / 5-High Stacking 9.5-ft. Container

Want to learn more?

Taylor Machine Works has a TS-9972 Brochure and a TS-1068 Facts and Features page that pointings out the basic components of the TS Series reach stackers.
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TS-9972 Full Brochure TS-1068 Facts & Features
TS-9972 Brochure also available in Spanish, Portuguese, French
  • Common Parts eliminate need to stock multiple parts
  • Increased Cycle Life lowers operating costs
  • Open Design attachment increases serviceability
  • Backed by a dedicated Parts and Service Staff


The TS-1068 has a first row rated capacity of 100,000-lbs. in the first, second, third, and fourth tiers and 75,000-lbs. in the fifth tiers for 9.5-ft. containers. The TS-1068 is equipped with front stabilizers for increased load capacity. Because of the multiple row capacity, please refer to the TS-1068 Capacity Chart for further information.
TS-1068 Capacity Chart

In fact, any of the Taylor reach stackers would be well suited for applications where high capacity and versatility is needed. Equipped with either the 3-point hook attachment (H3) or the Single-point hook attachment (H1), rather than the standard container handling attachment found on most reach stackers, the TS-9972 is capable of handling a wider assortment of loads than ever before.

Also see: Available Attachments | Wind Power Application Images

CANbus Technology

All machine controls are integrated using solid state controllers and J1939 CANbus technology. This allows controllers and sensors to communicate with minimal wiring between the components. I/O modules are used to eliminate electromechanical relay devices and add reliability to the machine control system. J1939 CANbus technology allows all machine data to be accessed through the main color display located in the cab. This display shows engine data along with warnings, spreader status lights, and man / machine interface data. The display allows service personnel to access data needed during troubleshooting (such as sensor status and controller outputs). Machine functions can be tuned through the main display in the cab. Tuning functions are password protected to prevent operator access.

Drive Train

Each model in the TS Series line of reach stackers uses a Tier Certified Cummins® electronic turbocharged, charged air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. Standard engine features include electronic diagnostic and maintenance monitor, fuel/water separator, engine/transmission protection systems, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

The transmission for both models is a four-speed, electronic, fully reversing, modulated, powershift transmission. It also has a declutch feature with brakes and electric shift control. An Automatic Powershift Control feature also comes standard.
Plese contact your local dealer for additional information

Parts & Service

All Taylor products are supported by Sudden Service, Inc.'s legendary after market customer support. To learn more, please visit Sudden Service, Inc.

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