RTGP Series Container Stacking Cranes
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Taylor Machine Works' RTGP Series of rubber tire gantry cranes (RTG) were designed for off-center loads and provides higher lift capacity than 100,000 pound capacity cranes rated as two 50,000 pounds lift systems. The column and sill beam connecting configration provides greater clamping force with reduced torque requirements.

The drop-down sill beam on the cab side of the crane permits the moveable operator's station to be positioned as low as possible for flat car loading or raised to a height of 18 feet. Ground level service and maintenance is possible because of the straight sill beam on the engine side and because the engine pump assembly is mounted below the beam.

The enclosed box section trolley beam design provides superior torsional strength and minimal weight. Because trolley rollers roll on top of the trolley beam, bowing the beam flanges and the need to periodically "flip" beams is eliminated.

RTGP Series Wheelbase and Capacity

  • RTGP-9040I
    (90,000-lb. Capacity, 39-ft. Inside Clear Width)
  • RTGP-9050I (Not Shown)
    (90,000-lb. Capacity, 50-ft. Inside Clear Width)
  • RTGP-9060I (Not Shown)
    (90,000-lb. Capacity, 60-ft. Inside Clear Width)
  • RTGP-10042I (Not Shown)
    (100,000-lb. Capacity, 43-ft. 6-in. Inside Clear Width)
  • RTGP-10065I
    (100,000-lb. Capacity, 66-ft. Inside Clear Width)

TE Series Facts and Features
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Taylor Machine Works has a facts and features page pointing out many of the major component, features, and specifications of the TE Series.
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The drive system provides direct drive in each wheel (using no chains) and excellent ground speed control and allows the crane to be "inched" when engaging or disengaging trailer pins into a fifth wheel. Steering is electronically controlled; when steering is not engaged, wheel pivot is locked in place by a hydraulic counter-balanced locking system. Lateral loads on the trolley drive moter are nonexistent, extending motor life and simplifying motor service and replacement.

Tire removal is not necessary for service accessibility to the drive motor, parking brake, or planetary gear.

CANbus Technology

All machine controls are integrated using solid state controllers and J1939 CANbus technology. This allows controllers and sensors to communicate with minimal wiring between the components. I/O modules are used to eliminate electromechanical relay devices and add reliability to the machine control system. J1939 CANbus technology allows all machine data to be accessed through the main color display located in the cab. This display shows engine data along with warnings, spreader status lights, and man / machine interface data. The display allows service personnel to access data needed during troubleshooting (such as sensor status and controller outputs). Machine functions can be tuned through the main display in the cab. Tuning functions are password protected to prevent operator access.

Drive Train

Each model in the RTGP Series line of rubber tire gantry cranes uses a Tier Compliant Cummins® electronic turbocharged, charged air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. Standard engine features include electronic diagnostic and maintenance monitor, fuel/water separator, engine/transmission protection systems, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

Parts & Service

All Taylor products are supported by Sudden Service, Inc.'s legendary after market customer support. To learn more, please visit Sudden Service, Inc.

Dealer Locations

The RTGP Series rubber-tired gantry crane is sold exclusively through Taylor Machine Works, Inc. for distribution east of the Mississippi River and Washington Liftruck, Inc. for distribution west of the Mississippi River.

Contact Information:
Taylor Machine Works, Inc.® for East Coast Sales Washington Liftrucks, Inc.® for West Coast Sales

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